Booking a Tan? Be sure to do the following before and after your appointment.

*Take a shower 12 to 24 hours prior to your appointment and exfoliate- LADIES shave too.

*Do not put moisturizer on the day of your appointment & put your deodorant on sparingly.

*Bring something dark and loose fitting to wear afterwards & plan on leaving without wearing a bra (it lessens the chance of making marks/lines) & come without makeup on if you'd like your face tanned.

**most ladies choose to go nude, some choose to wear their underwear or swim suit. You can wear or not wear whatever you want, whatever makes you most comfy =)

*Gentlemen, I prefer for you to have your nether region covered up. 


*after 24 hours (rapid tan 2-5 hours) take a warm shower and rinse until the shower water runs clear. DO NOT soap up- it will strip your tan. You may shower with soap 8 hours after your rinse off.


*It is very important that you don't sweat or get wet between getting tanned and your rinse off shower. Getting wet or sweating will result in streaking, which cannot be fixed. 

*Stay hydrated and moisturized & stay away from highly perfumed lotion- it'll strip your tan. Keeping yourself moisturized will make your spray tan last longer.

*After showering/swimming, pat dry.

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